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Mon ami et moi ont réservé nos 4 nuits dans la jungle par Internet. Quelle chance!!! Rafael nous a pris en charge à l’aéroport et le lendemain il nous a déposés au port de Manaus pour partir direction notre Lodge dans la jungle. Ces bungalows sont très simples mais juste magnifiques et nous avons vraiment passé 5 jours de rêve et d’aventure inoubliable. La nourriture était locale, fraiche et exquise et notre guide Mateus nous a montré une façon de vivre dans ce paysage idyllique que nous n’oublierons plus jamais. Les deux nuits dans la jungle étaient juste magique ! Merci beaucoup Sissy et Mateus pour votre gentillesse et votre passion de nous montrer la fragilité et surtout la beauté de votre pays !

Mirjam + Alain

For me it is an enormous pleasure to be the first to say, and many other things ... 

I arrived in Manaus and I met the real jungle agencies, which offered everything and very bad ways, but only God knows it ends with these guys, the encounter with Rafael was more than a lucky, a gift from heaven.

I have no more words of appreciation for the amount of things you enjoy and learned and that is still practiced today in poniéndolas still far from the Jungle.

Our relationship that led to this I have helped with the Web so that more people can disfruitar the professionalism and knowledge of AmazonRiders and flipar as I did and safe return to do.

Without doubts.

Madrid Spain.

In March I booked a 7 day jungle expedition with Amazonriders to the Land of the GUARANÁ near Maues (267km from Manaus). I went with two other Dutch guys.

The owner Rafael, who offered us the trip, was very competent, gave detailed information and showed photos ande videos of the things coming up. The ANACONDA package got my attention, because no other operator is going there .... and being in virgin jungle far away von civilization with real indians in a new area not being explored by tourists made me very excited.

The first night we spent on the riverboat to ARARAS RIVER, ACAJATUBAS LAKE, ARIAU RIVER, navegating through narrow side rivers and igarapes with a lot of fauna and even pink dolphins. After arrival we headed directly into the jungle and arrived in the evening very exhausted the indigenous community Novo Paraiso, where we spent the night in the house of a Mura tribe family. The people there were innocent and seemed never having seen white foreigners. I was now very sure, Amazonriders did not promised too much ... this was a real expediton, which probably no one has done before.

Continuing the trekking next day to the Igarape Acu, our local guide stopped suddenly and seemed to be afraid. He pointed into a direction and said that this is the sound of a jaguar. The guides shouted (Go .. Go) and rushed us to the safe canoe.

The following days were full of adventure in prime jungle, before we went for the second part of the tour, the visit to the Satere-Mawe reserve. A tribe member picked us up from the Igarape Acu, as white persons are better not going alone into the reserve. The indians would not kill us, but just take all our belongings, clothes and gasoline and send us back to Maues ... which could take days of rowing. On the way in the speed boat we saw some tribe members passing by with bow and arrow and angry looks. Our guide stopped the boat, talked to them and then the indians allowed us to continue. I only felt safe, after we have been received by the Tuchaua of the Satere-Mawe and smoked a pipe with him.
Johan from Holland then offered the Tuchaua his high-tech knife. The head of the tribe liked it, the Dutch guy then got in return a handmade stone knife made and handicrafts. Exchanging gifts with indians ..we felt like Cristopher Colombus.

Conversation was mainly with gestures and rituais, because the Satere-Mawe have their own language, not known by the Amazonriders bilingual guide. And the local guide only knew a few portuguese words. You really see and feel the difference, being with real indians and not with the so called caboclos (mixture of white and indian man) living along the Amazon.

The expedition was a lifetime adventure. I never thought, a tour operatorsuch as Amazonriders can bring us so deep into the jungle and organize such close contact with indigenous population. Rafael, thanks again for everything.

Volker and Johan
Germany and Holland

I never used this time before, but now i do because i read a hard message against some agencies of tourism in Manaus and i´m desappointed with the people who use some forums for send false commentaries of my friends in Manaus, even the amazon riders tours RAFAEL TENORIO hi is the Guide, who made my amazonian stroll of a serious and professional way, to an accessible price, clear that first I had to check the other options and in the end I decided to divide with Amazon Riders Tours. My amazonian trek.

I came from Tabatinga by boat during 03 days traying to enjoy the view, but the high noise of the engine almost killed me.

Arriving in Manaus, a guy showed the way for the hotel rio branco, it accompanied to look for some tourist information to me, I talked with different agencies as Iguanas tour, Geros tour, Amazonas indian turismo, lilies tour, ecodiscovery tours.

But, I am happy for having gone with amazon riders and thank to God for that reason because I learned so much about fauna and flora, also the wild life, along with they, and doesn´t matter much what the others recommend or they are traying to confuse the travellers, with that of reputation agencies that single cost a money horror. Watch well these false comment made for people who do not know anything about Rafael tenorio and AMAZON RIDERS. If you want to know more, which I say? then check the site www.amazonriders.com .

I hope that this mensage reach all the serious travellers and be helpfully. My husband is biologist and hi is satisfied with this amazonian adventure with amazon riders, now i write this comment for all travel guides.


Beatriz Alvarez,

My husband and I have just been on the best trip of our lives.

After researching some tour groups in the Amazon we decided to go with a company called Amazon Riders. After booking this tour, we saw a bad report on this branch and was umming and urring about taking this tour. We decided to give it a go and hopefully get what we paid for. We got that and much much more.

Our guide, Raphael, was one of the best blokes we have ever met, not only a great guy but knew everything there was to know about everything in the Amazon, every animal, every insect, every plant and the whole area. He spoke great english which was awesome and went out of his way to show us the best trip ever. We had such a great time. We have been travelling around the world for 2 years and have never had such a great tour.

He also had a native assistant, Johnny B Good... he was such a jungle boy, awesome to watch, a fantastic personality and the best jungle cook ever!!

We had 3 nights there, once we were picked up at the airport, they took care of everything from there. The first night we went aligator hunting, piranna fishing, pink dolphin spotting and found some sloths and got to hold them. The next day we woke up bright and early and took the boat to watch the sunrise. Then we went speer fishing, and looking at great plants and what spiritual medicine value they have. We stayed with a tribal family that night which was so amazing. Next morning we went fishing again, looking for different types of fish then headed off into the thick of the jungle we slept in hammocks right in Jaguar and Black Panther territory, went on an amazing jungle trek and ate awesome food the whole time we were there. We did this and so much more........ We are so happy with the service and the once in a lifetime experience, it was priceless!!

If anyone is travelling up that way and interested in an adventurous jungle tour that explores everything you can do in this great place, look up amazonriders.com I highly recommend them and guarantee you will have the best time ever!!

Katrina & Simon Pattison
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