The Paradise of the Amazon in the more exotic region of waterfalls, caves and creeks wathering the Rain forest Now with every day Departures, Starting at 07.30 A.M   Return at 06.00 P.M We start the tour at 07.30 A.M  Traveling by Van on the Road 174.
We arrive to Asframa Waterfalls, Swimming on this Natural pool and
explore this beautiful region, Then we wil visit the Urubuí Wild creek.
taking the Lunch and enjoying some people practicing Extreme Sports like Canoeing and Kayaking. then we continue the trip to the Most Distant
Waterfall called  IRACEMA Falls,  hiking trails in the Forest and Watching the caves and swimming on the Anaconda Waterfall ( Sucuri )

 figueiredo falls
 fallswaterfalls santuario
 falls iracemawaterfalls iracema1

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